Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well, inspired by my talented brothers girlfriend, Joanne, a talented artist herself, I am now a blogger! Can't wait to get started. Day 1! Where will I go from here?

I became a member of the Chester County Art Association last month and am currently taking three classes; "How to Market Yourself in the Art World," "HDR Photography," and "The Basics and Beyond."

And I'm pleased to tell you that as a member, I am one of many Chester County Photographers to be included in a wonderful Digital Exhibition opening Saturday, February 27 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Please see below for the information that was posted on the CCAA website regarding the show. Also photographs may be viewed and purchase through the Zenfolio.com website at http://ccaa.zenfolio.com/



As Posted on the CCAA Website:
This installation is a collaboration of Chester County Art Association (CCAA) and Chester County Camera Club (CCCC) The impact of digital imagery in our lives has changed the way we view photography. Ever since the Brownie Camera debuted, everyday people are pointing and shooting what they see, capturing moments for posterity. Some photographs which were used for media publication through the years are more poignant than others and have left searing images in our minds of an entire era, or just a moment in history. The ability of photography to dance with our senses and move us emotionally remains why art is such a vital and important part of our lives.

The installation Digital Imagery at the Huston Gallery, Chester County Art Association (CCAA), 100 N. Bradford Ave, West Chester, is a cacophony of sensations for the eye and mind to take in. Images will be projected onto a blank wall in rapid secession, with two projections running simultaneously, stimulating the senses to zone into moments the photographers felt signified something worthy of seeing. The entire experience will run about ten minutes in length. This installation will enable public viewing and exposure of local artists’ work. Images will also be viewable online in a special Zenfolio.com album, with printed copies available for purchase for $40 each through the website. No physical images will be seen at the Huston and prints will be produced and sent from Zenfolio directly to the customer.

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